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Leckey products are distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Vida Global. We also work alongside global partners worldwide. 

Where to buy Leckey Products Contact Details
UK and Ireland - Our new Sales and Customer Care Division
Vida Global

UK Freephone 0800 318265 (02892 600750)
Fax: +44(0) 2892 600799
Postal Address:
19C Ballinderry Road
BT28 2SA

Germany Vida Global
North America
Ki Mobility

USA Tel: 1-800-981-1540 
Postal Address:

5201 Woodward Drive

Stevens Point

WI 54481

Europe (excluding UK, Ireland and Germany)
Sunrise Medical are Leckey's partners in Italy and Norway.

Medicco s.r.o are Leckey's partners in the Czech Republic.

Wolturnus are Leckey's partner in Denmark.

Pom Revalidatietechniek B.V. are Leckey's partners in the Netherlands.


Italy Tel: +39 52 3573111; info@sunrisemedical.it

Norway Tel: +47 669 63800; post@sunrisemedical.no

Czech Republic Tel: +42 0547 250 955; info@medicco.cz

Denmark Tel: +45 967 17170; info@wolturnus.dk

Netherlands Tel: +31 243659550;  info@pomrevalidatietechniek.nl


Other European Countries: Click Here

Asia and Asia-Pacific
Sunrise Medical are Leckey's partner in Australia and Japan.



Allied Medical are Leckey's partner in New Zealand.


JKR International are Leckey's partner in the U.A.E.

Australia Tel: +61 2 9678 6600; enquiries@sunrisemedical.com.au

Japan Tel: +480 31 6480


New Zealand Tel: 0800 316 181; helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz


U.A.E Tel: +971 4251 5383; info@jkrintl.com

Rest of the World
Please click here or contact Leckey for more distributor queries.
Tel: +44 2892 600750











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UK 0800 318 265
IRE 1800 626 020

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