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For Leckey Products in North America, call Otto Bock on 800.328.4058 (USA) or 800.665.3327 (Canada)

01st November 2010

Leckey is very pleased to announce that from 1st November, their products will be available from Otto Bock in the USA and Canada.

Leckey and Otto Bock already have a successful partnership in Europe and Australasia, where Leckey’s paediatric products complement Otto Bock’s mobility range. That partnership has now been extended to North America.

Matt Swiggum, the Director of Mobility Solutions for Otto Bock HealthCare commented, “We are both committed to delivering high value products that improve quality of life. The product lines are complementary, expanding the options to customize seating systems for home, school, therapy, and more. Interchangeable, flexible products mean more options for the child and caregivers.”

To contact Otto Bock to arrange an evaluation, a demo, or for other technical and clinical support, please telephone Otto Bock HealthCare US:  800.328.4058. or Canada: 800.665.3327.