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Henry Fraser Blog - Rogue Diary

13th May 2015

Leckey are very excited to announce Henry Fraser as their Ambassador for the Ki Mobility Product Range and to introduce his first blog post about his new Ki Mobility Rogue Chair!

Henry Fraser Blog - Rogue Diary

Henry is paralysed from the shoulders down after a diving accident when he was 17.  Henry's inspirational story tells how he has challenged himself to achieve more than was thought possible.

Henry received his Ki Mobility Rogue chair at the beginning of 2015 and kindly agreed to write a blog to let us know how he is getting on and what he gets up to in his Rogue!

"This is my first entry into the Rogue Diary since receiving my Rogue chair from Leckey.

 After a slight adjustment on the day I received it, the chair has been a delight. Not only does it look great but is a fantastically smooth ride and has made parts of my living easier.

 The past month has been very busy for me, from giving talks, to family excursions and nights out with friends. When out and about everyone comments on how great the chair looks which makes me very proud to be in the chair and represent Leckey. Whoever is pushing me in the chair always says how easy it is to manoeuvre, in a straight line and turning around.

 On two occasions the chair has saved my nights out. I book taxis if I am heading into London and twice the taxi company turned up with a taxi with a ceiling too low for me to fit in. Luckily the Rogue has a feature that allows the back rest on the chair to recline to give me a rest during the day. I had to use this twice and if it wasn't for this feature I would not have been able to go out and enjoy time with my mates."

You can find details on the Ki Mobility Rogue here.  To read Henry's story and find out more about his inspirational talks click here.