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It’s snow go for Leckey

01st December 2010

We have had reports from most our Product Advisors this morning telling us that they have been hit by the adverse weather conditions and are now snowed in. Martin who looks after our Scottish customers was the first to send us a picture of his van stuck in the snow.  Debbie who looks after customers in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire,South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire has also been stuck. Have a look at photographs; I think we can safely say they are well and truly snowed in.

The weather seems to be getting worse in most parts of the country except  for us here in Northern Ireland but the adverse conditions are still affecting us. We were due to have important visitors from Germany and they have had to cancel their trip as Dublin airport has had to close.  Also our visitors from the US are worried that the closure of Dublin airport may continue until tomorrow which means they won’t get their flights back to the States. So although the snow is gone in Northern Ireland we are still feeling the effects!

Hopefully the cold snap will be over soon and we can all defrost and get back to some normality. In the meantime we hope that all our customers are keeping warm and safe during this cold, snowy weather.