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Kidwalk Winners - Meet Ben…

20th October 2015

Back in June, we held a competition across our Social Media sites for 2 children to not only win a Kidwalk, but to become the face of the Kidwalk! We would like to introduce you to the winner of our Size 1 Kidwalk - Ben! 

Kidwalk Winners - Meet Ben…

Ben Alfie Motton is 3 years old and lives in Reigate, Surrey with his mother Jennie, his father David and his sister Leah. 

Now that he has got his Kidwalk, Ben is able to play football with his dad...

Ben and his dad, David playing football

...and go on adventures with his mum!

Ben and his mum, Jennie talking a walk in Priory Park, Surrey

Some of Ben's favourite things are playing with his friends and family, and being outdoors!

Ben is now able to play outside using his Kidwalk

Ben enjoys playing with his big sister, Leah and even helps her to feed their hamster, Nibbles!

Ben enjoys being able to read with his mum, when in the Kidwalk

Ben loves the Kidwalk as it allows him to carry out all the activities that he enjoys!

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