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Kidwalk Winners - Meet Niamh…

21st October 2015

Introducing the second winner of our Kidwalk Competition - Niamh!

Kidwalk Winners - Meet Niamh…

Niamh Currie is 4 years old and lives in Dunfermline, Scotland with her mum Gill, her dad Tony, brothers Ciaran (6) and Joseph (3) and their puppy, Molly. 

Since winning her Kidwalk, Niamh has been able to take Molly for walks...

Some of Niamh's favourite things are princesses, horses, playing with friends and going to school.

Niamh also enjoys keeping active by going wheelchair racing, and playing football with her brothers!

Some of the things Niamh doesn't like however include fruit and vegetables, going to hospital for treatment and sleeping (well, life is far too busy for Niamh to sleep!)

Niamh loves her Kidwalk and the independence it gives her.

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