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Leckey’s excellent day out - photos from our day out to Carlingford

08th August 2011

On Friday 5th August, most of the people who work for Leckey were not at their desks, their work benches or in their vans. Instead, they were in Carlingford, an hour south of Belfast, at Leckey's company day out.








It was an excellent day - the activities ranged from Laserquest (aka shoot the directors!), blindfolded powerpoint driving, tightrope walking, archery.......a full day of really great craic. 

Preparing for the raft race: Debbie, Megan, Kay, Christina, Gillian, Danielle and Karen.    









The winning raft: Stevie, James, Kay, Gillian, Anna, Jim, Deco and Wesley.









Everyone had their own favourite events, but the jet skis were pretty popular.

Joe relaxing









The boss - Mr Leckey

The powerboat was fun too - and yes, the driver, Sales Manager Kay, really is blindfolded!









After a full day of activities, with no rain to spoil it (unusual for Ireland!), we all enjoyed a BBQ and the grand prize giving. The winning team (though the rest of us doubt it!) was Joe, Richard, Anna, Tommy, and Kay.









The company that were organising it said that usually these events are aimed at teambuilding, but that the 60 or so group from Leckey needed no teambuilding. He's never seen a group of people get on so well, so effortlessly. It was an excellent day out - looking forward to next year!