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Santa’s Elves visit Leckey stand at Kidz Up North

26th November 2010

Santa’s Elves were among the hundreds of visitors to Leckey’s stand at the Kidz Up North exhibition yesterday. Despite the cold and the snow in the North East of England, between 2000 and 2500 people visited the exhibition at the Reebok stadium in Bolton.


Leckey was inundated with therapists, parents, grandparents and children wanting to look at the products on display. Leckey’s family of modular seating systems proved very popular. Some of the therapists visiting the stand had attended Clinical Research Manager Clare Wright’s seminar on “The challenge of using outcome measures in special seating” and so wanted to examine Leckey’s seats up close. Other visitors were parents and grandparents who wanted to see for themselves the options that are available for their children. We were able to allow some children to try the products. One little boy, who is hoping to get charity funding for a seat for his granny’s house where he spends 3-4 evenings as week, was able to try the Mygo size 1. His mum and granny pushed him around the hall in the Mygo 1 with Kimba base and were delighted at how comfortable and settled he was in it, not as tired and fidgety as he had been before.

The Kidwalk also attracted a lot of attention and a number of children were able to try it out, one little girl joining the Bolton Wanderers players in a game of football. One mum came to tell us how important the Kidwalk will be for her daughter. Her daughter is able to walk using a walker but as she is blind, having her hands free to be able to feel things is extremely important to her. The design of the Kidwalk is ideal for her and her mum is hoping that on Christmas morning, her daughter will be able to open her presents whilst using her Kidwalk.

Leckey held a prize draw, and the winner of the bottle of champagne was chosen by Ruby, aged 5 from Leeds. Ruby is well known to Craig Ward, our Product Advisor for the Leeds area. He commented, “Ruby is a very intelligent little girl. She got her first powerbase at the age of two and was one of the youngest children ever in Leeds to get one.” The rest of the Leckey team was delighted to meet her and chat to her mum about the types of equipment that a child like Ruby needs.

Linda Sanderson of PSP Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapy with Leckey's Marketing Manager, Gillian ParkerThe winner of the draw was Linda Sanderson, who runs a private paediatric physiotherapy practice in Lancashire, http://www.psphysio.com. Linda told us she is saving the champagne for the birth of her grandchild in early December.

Leckey would like to thank everyone at Disabled Living who organised Kidz Up North and all the therapists and families who braved the bitterly cold weather to visit. It was just the type of weather Santa’s Elves are used to!