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Thank you from Malamulele Onward

04th January 2012

A few months ago we sent some discontinued buggies to a Charity based in York called PhysioNet.  PhysioNet provides equipment for children with Cerebral Palsy in other parts of the world especially Africa.  A lorry load of equipment including our donated buggies arrived in Malamulele just before Christmas and the volunteers started to issue the much needed equipment.  Its great that these buggys can make such a difference to the day to day lives of people who are less fortunate that ourselves.

Two of the buggies were issued to two little girls.  In South Africa children with cerebral palsy are issued with a Shona Buggy which is useful but they don't fold up and the mothers end up carrying their children on their backs whereever they go.

This photograph is of Tintswalo.  Tintswalo's mother makes her living from a street stall next to the bus station in Malamulele Village.  Tintswalo goes along with her mum and spends most of the day on her mother's back.  Tintswalo's mum is so pleased with the buggy as she will be able to take it on the bus everyday and Tintswalo can sit by herself while she mans the stall.

The photograph below is of Tracy and her Mother outside their tiny home.  There is not much space so they are grateful for this foldable buggy which can be easily folded and stored.