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Mission, Vision and Values

We work closely with therapists, parents, carers and our business partners around the world to research, develop and supply innovative, quality postural support and therapy equipment that improves the lives of children and adults with disabilities.


We will be the fastest growing company in our industry sectors with a brand recognised for integrity, innovation, quality, service and value.

We will enable children and adults with disabilities to interact with their world and lead fulfilling, happy lives.

We will stretch, support and develop people within a safe and rewarding environment so we can be successful, happy and make a difference.

Business Partners
We will actively develop our knowledge and business networks and innovate new solutions that add real value to our business partners.

We will reward shareholders' long term goals and build new business opportunities.

We will be responsible citizens and neighbours in our local, national and global communities. 


Our values describe what we believe are the most important attitudes which will shape our behaviours everyday. Being clear on these will help us be consistent in our ethics, performance, communication and decision making. It’s how we are.


We will be brave, creative and open to change. We will be open, supportive and creative. We will reach our potential by fostering an environment where it is safe and rewarding to try, invent, create and make things better.
We will dare to be different.

We will be professional, accountable and fair. We will be accountable for our performance and behaviour. We will be professional, trustworthy, consistent and fair.
We will set the example and expect the same from others.

We will be open, honest and show respect. We will communicate openly, honestly and clearly. We will tell people what they need to know and treat them with respect.
We will give our word and keep our promises.

We will be committed, proud and fulfilled. We will commit 100% to our Mission, Vision and Values. We will support and encourage others by being positive, focused and determined.
We will make a difference.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, we would value any feedback you can give us. Please write to us or e-mail us at info@leckey.com  to let us know how we are doing.