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Alice’s standing programme continues for longer with the new Leckey Mygo Stander

Alice is a 13 year old girl who has spina bifida, hydrocephalus and left sided hemiplegic weakness. She has a spinal rod and is PEG fed for fluids. Alice has significant hip and knee contractures and is currently using a sit-to-stand frame. However, she has a tendency to “hang” in it, and is not very comfortable. As a result Alice’s therapists were considering ceasing her standing programme, but it is important to Alice and her family. She may be considered for future hip and knee surgery, so maintaining range of movement (ROM) will always be an important consideration for Alice. She is a huge character and is very, very vocal, so is a great person to evaluate the new Mygo Stander!

Clinical Assessment

  • Good head, neck and shoulder control

  • Windswept slightly to left as a result of increased tightness in right hipflexors and adductors

  • Approximately 300 flexion contracture at knees

  • Approximately 250 flexion contracture at hips

  • Wears AFOs so ankles positioned at 900



Alice's hip and knee flexion means she is unable to use a conventional prone or supine stander. Her sit-to-stand frame goes some way to an upright posture, but comfort and functionality is limited.


After determining Alice's range of movement at hips and knees, the Mygo swinging footplate was adjusted to its maximum angle of 20 degrees in the prone direction. The foot sandals were moved backwards to allow greater knee flexion, and the footplates were adjusted to the maximum angle of plantar flexion to maintain an angle of 90 degrees at the ankles.


Alice's contractures and slight windsweeping are successfully accommodated in the Mygo stander. The narrow chest support also means that Alice's hand function is not impaired even though she does not have perfectly symmetrical trunk position. Alice reports finding the standing frame very comfortable;  her therapist is delighted because her standing programme can now continue.

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