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Aydin gains improved pelvic stability and more upright posture in the KIT Seating System

Aydin is a 13 year old girl with developmental delay who lives in Germany. Aydin presents with low muscle tone, hypermobile joint movements, and lack of pelvic stability.

Clinical Assessment

Aydin does not appear to be stable. Her knees are abducted but her feet are together, reducing her base of support. Although she can sit up when requested (photograph 2), she quickly fatigues, slumping into a rounded posture with her head forward (photograph 3).

In supine assessment, Aydin’s low tone and joint hypermobility mean that she has no limitations to her range of movement. However when unsupported upright against gravity, Aydin’s pelvis falls into anterior tilt, giving her a hyperlordotic posture.


Aydin requires a seating system which will provide stability to her pelvis and overall base of support, and improve her functional seated position.


The Kit Seating System’s Pelvic Cradle provided the neutral pelvic stability needed by Aydin.  In addition, the ability of the foot supports to sit directly in line with the knees means Aydin’s slight abduction can be supported, further increasing her base of support.

As a result of using the Pelvic Cradle, Aydin was able to sustain a neutral pelvic tilt, increasing the time she was able to sit with an upright trunk and head, and increased functional ability.

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