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Caitlyn’s new Squiggles Seating System

Caitlyn is a lovely young girl with complex needs including Arthrogryposis and neurological problems. Her tolerance to an upright seating position is minimal therefore she spends most of the day in a side lying position. However she is prone to choking and reflux and this demands that all equipment meets the need for quick removal of Caitlyn from the equipment if required. Caitlyn also uses a sleep system, a standing frame, a bath seat and wears a brace occasionally. Caitlyn cannot tolerate her current seating as it demands too much from her posturally.


Clinical Assessment

Caitlyn has kyphoscoliosis and dislocations of her shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, with no functional use of her upper limbs. It is essential that Caitlyn can be removed from equipment quickly as she is prone to choking and needs to be repositioned immediately to relieve this.


As a goal, it was anticipated that the frequency and duration of the time Caitlyn spent in the seated position would increase. 

Caitlyn required;

  • Substantial postural support and comfort.

  • A seat which would reduce the pressure sores on her ears.

  • A tolerable seating position for Caitlyn whilst travelling.

  • A seat which would help her to integrate more fully into family life.

  • A seating system that would meet her postural needs in both the home and school environment.

The Squiggles Seating System, providing comfort, skin protection and stability, was chosen to meet Caitlyn’s postural needs.  She used the;

  • non-powered wheeled base with the Hi-low chassis and push handles

  • the medium trunk harness with rigid laterals

  • the contoured cushion headrest.


On review, Caitlyn can now tolerate a seated position for up to 2 hours per day.  Caitlyn’s family reports that the vest is used on occasions when Caitlyn’s health is good, however on bad days this is not used to ensure quick access to Caitlyn to remove her from the chair. 

Caitlyn’s therapist noted that a good postural position is attained, with easily adjustable laterals and ‘less of the chair, more of the child’. Caitlyn appears comfortable and relaxed in the chair and importantly, the pelvic harness allows quick release which is essential to Caitlyn’s needs. 

The Squiggles Seating System has received positive reports from Caitlyn’s family - the Hi-low chassis has allowed them to wheel Caitlyn around the home and adjust the height to the TV level if required. 

It was also a bonus that Caitlyn’s new Squiggles seating system came in pink!

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