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Enabling Calvin to enjoy his playtime with the Early Activity System

Calvin’s development is delayed following a seizure. Children at this age learn and develop skills primarily through play. Therefore providing support and positioning would optimise Calvin’s participation in play based activities and increase his ability to gain new skills.

Clinical Assessment

Calvin has developmental delay and has difficulty;

  • Grasping

  • Transferring objects from hand to hand

  • Kicking reciprocally

  • Propping himself up on his elbows

  • Rolling from supine to prone

Therefore, Calvin’s therapist used the Early Activity System to encourage a more functional midline position, develop bilateral grasp, develop hand foot co-ordination, and enable Calvin to prop on his elbows in the prone position. Calvin’s therapist also planned to incorporate vestibular stimulation into his therapy program, to develop his postural control and balance.


The primary aim of Calvin’s Early Activity System is to promote the development of bilateral hand skills and vestibular functioning by providing maximum support and positioning and allowing the therapist to modulate the amount of vestibular input. 

Using support from the rolls bilaterally (above left) , Calvin’s arms are encouraged to come into the midline, providing more opportunities for hand to hand co-ordination.                             

Using support from the rolls (above right), Calvin is encouraged to see and touch his knees, legs and feet, in a long sitting position.

Whilst in a prone lying position, a roll under Calvin’s arms provides additional support and encourages the position of propping on his elbows

The playmat, rolls and head support provide stability and comfort to Calvin, whilst taking part in therapy. Through slow linear swinging, Calvin’s therapist can modulate the amount of stimuli he receives.


Using the various components in a variety of positions, the Early Activity System has enabled better grasp. Calvin is able to hold his head for a longer period of time in the mid-line position, and is able to prop up whilst in prone. Calvin’s therapist reports that his parents are really satisfied with the activity program and its benefits on his progress.

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