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Cayenne is able to transfer independently using her Everyday Activity Seat

Cayenne is a five year old girl who lives in a day care centre in Bad Blankenburg in Germany. Here, therapists, teachers and social workers work together to promote ability using the lovely motto, “How quiet the forest would be, if only the best birds sang!” Cayenne has cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. Prior to her Everyday Activity Seat, Cayenne had no special seating.

Clinical Background

Cayenne lives in the day care centre under legal guardianship. Her diplegia had caused her Achilles’ tendons to shorten and she was unable to walk. After tendon release surgery a year ago, Cayenne is now able to walk and can transfer into her seating system independently. Although she has independent sitting balance, Cayenne’s pelvic and lateral stability is reduced, meaning that using her arms and hands becomes more difficult.

Goals for Sitting

• Provide appropriate pelvic and lateral trunk stability to facilitate hand function
• Provide appropriate positioning for lower limbs
• Provide a seating system which can facilitate independent transfers


Cayenne was assessed in the Everyday Activity Seat (size 2) on a basic chassis. The chair was adjusted at the seat-to-back angle, knee angle, and lower leg length. The flip –up foot board allows Cayenne to get into the chair by herself.
Cayenne’s pelvis was stabilized using the four-point pelvic harness and the hip guides. As a result of this stability, her muscle tone regulates itself more easily and she can sit upright, balanced, and at peace for longer periods.
Cayenne is also able to move her arms and hands freely on the table or tray.


The Everyday Activity Seat gives Cayenne the pelvic stability she needs to to use her arms and hands more freely. It also provides the appropriate adjustment for her lower limbs, and when the footplate is raised, she is able to transfer into the chair independently!
Leckey would like to thank Otto Bock Germany for their assistance with this case history

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