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Chris S

Chris S’s fixed pelvis and lower spine flexion is accommodated in KIT

Chris is a 15 year old teenager with global developmental delay and scoliosis. He lives with his father who is his main carer. Chris has reduced postural stability with low central muscle tone. His postural preference is one of extreme flexion.  His pelvis is tilted posteriorly in his existing seating system, and he adopts a kyphotic posture as a result.

Clinical Assessment

  • Pelvis fixed in posterior tilt

  • Range of movement at hips and knees in the normal range for the seated posture

  • Spine fixed in flexion to mid-thoracic level, extension achievable above this level

  • Feet slightly everted


Chris required KIT to be set up to accommodate his fixed pelvis and lower spine. The seat to back angle was opened up, and the sacral and thoracic pads tilted posteriorly.


Although the images show Chris still quite flexed, he is much straighter than previously. The stability provided by the Pelvic Cradle and the sacral and thoracic pads, mean that Chris’s fixed deformities are securely accommodated, allowing him the freedom to move his upper limbs. His dad reported that this sleepiness is a sign of comfort for Chris. The compromise was supporting his fixed limitations, while allowing some active movement and function. The chest support and tray provided additional anterior support.

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