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Emanuela enjoys story time with her Mygo Seating System

Emanuela has severe encephalitis and spastic quadriplegia, with disturbed motor functions of her four limbs and no sitting ability. However, there is no evidence of scoliosis or any asymmetry in the lower limbs. Emanuela uses her visual field as a means of communication and occasionally smiles. She enjoys listening to music and storytelling by picture book.

Clinical Assessment

  • Emanuela’s pelvis is anteriorly tilted and she holds her thighs in abduction.

  • She cannot maintain head control therefore in sitting, her head falls forward or to either side.

  • Due to low tone she does not use her upper limbs for support or gestural hand movements.


The Mygo Seating System was chosen because of its adaptive postural features and versatility - being able to adjust its height helps reduce the physical stress on family and caregivers.

By providing support to Emanuela’s pelvis, trunk and head using the Mygo’s pelvic positioning system, chest support and head support, her postural alignment, comfort and stability is improved.  Similarly, supporting her head  improves her interaction with her peers and family, promoting her well-being and participation in activities she enjoys.


After 3 months, Emanuela was able to tolerate her seated posture for a longer period of time and makes use of this more functional position for more than one meal a day. Emanuela’s caregivers reported that using the tray and stabilizing Emanuela at the elbows was extremely useful and the Hi-low chassis enabled caregivers to adjust her seating to the height of the various supports already in place within her kindergarten.

Emanuela’s family also noted that it was not necessary to reposition her for at least 2 hours and that she did not cry or become agitated for more than one hour. She can now engage in her favourite play activities in comfort, for a longer period of time.

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