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Playtime with Fabio and his new Squiggles Seat

Due to a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia Fabio requires support of his trunk and hips, and has difficulty rolling from the supine to prone position. It has been proven that proximal stability provides the basis for distal flexibility, therefore with Fabio’s trunk and head being supported he can concentrate on upper limb function, engage in therapy and develop his sitting ability.

Clinical Assessment

Fabio is unable to compensate for gravity loads in any posture, or roll over from his back (supine position) to his front (prone position). Therefore whilst sitting he requires support of his trunk and hips, and currently can only tolerate the seated position for a maximum of 30 minutes.


Pelvic stability is the most important feature of any seating system.  The Squiggles Seat has a 4-point pelvic harness and ramped base cushion to give optimum support.  Its trunk and head support promotes increased shoulder protraction, therefore midline positioning of the upper limbs. 

Fabio’s Squiggles Seat was used with the:

  • Pelvic support system to hold him comfortably in a secure but active position.

  • Foot sandals to promote positive foot positioning. The adjustable footplates ensure feet are adequately supported, providing additional pelvic stability.

  • Chest support which supports him in an upright position.


During therapy, Fabio can now use his left hand to control a joystick during a game, and can maintain his seated position for more than 1½ hours.  He now accepts all meals in his new seat and attempts to bring some food to his mouth.  Fabio’s tendency to thrust and hyperextend has also reduced.

Fabio’s family report that he is smiling and ready for interaction when in his new seating system!

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