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Enabling Francesco to use his computer independently with Mygo

Francesco is a sociable and active child, integrated into kindergarten school. His sitting ability is severely compromised by Muscular Dystrophy resulting in musculo-skeletal deformities of his trunk and limbs. Francesco’s condition also means that he eats via a PEG and breathes through a tracheostomy tube. 

Clinical Assessment

  • Francesco has good control of his head and trunk, maintaining a seated position for up to 30 seconds.

  • Francesco uses an orthopaedic body brace to limit both flexion and rotation of his trunk and to promote greater functional use of his upper limbs.

  • His upper limbs are adducted, his elbows and hands in flexion, with ulnar deviation of the wrists.

  • Francesco cannot lift his upper limbs due to muscle atrophy.

  • His lower limbs are flexed and abducted.

  • His pelvis is posteriorly tilted, rotated to the right side, with severe kyphoscoliosis and a major left dorsal hump (below).


The Mygo Seating System was chosen as it meets Francesco’s postural needs and can be adjusted using the chest support to accommodate his brace when required.

  • By adjusting the sacral support it was possible to position Francesco in a more neutral pelvic position.

  • By adjusting the back support more intimately to his spine, there was a partial improvement of Francesco’s kyphosis.

  • The lateral trunk supports compensated for Francesco’s tendency to lean to one side, without inhibiting active upper limb movements.

  • The Mygo seating system also allowed Francesco to carry out active trunk movements and return to the aligned position. In addition, the adjustable components of the seating system allow the potential for growth.


Given the improved positioning of his trunk, after just one hour of use, Francesco’s oxygen saturation levels had improved. He could remain seated for a longer period of time without the need for re-positioning and Francesco himself reported that he felt comfortable and well ‘stabilized’ in his new seating system. The Mygo Seating System has enabled Francesco to have access to the computer and both Francesco’s family and therapist highlight the advantage of him being able to access this activity independently.

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