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Georgia uses her Leckey Mygo Standing Frame to maintain her range of movement

Georgia is an 11 year old young lady who has Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which mainly affects girls and results in learning and physical disabilities. Georgia requires a standing frame as part of her 24-hour postural care programme to help maintain her range of joint movement. Georgia loves pink!

Clinical Assessment

Georgia’s sitting balance is improving, and with the assistance of her spinal brace and propping with one hand, she is able to sit for a few seconds. Georgia’s pelvis has a slight obliquity, higher on the left side, and she prefers a posteriorly tilted position. However her pelvis remains flexible and can be corrected to neutral. Georgia has a slight scoliosis, concave to the left, but this is also flexible, and part of the reason she wears the spinal brace. Georgia’s hamstrings are tight, more so on the left, but remain within the range for seating. As a result, in standing, Georgia is unable to reach full knee extension. Georgia’s right leg tends to fall into abduction, but is correctable. Her head and upper limb control is super, so prone standing remains an appropriate position for Georgia.


To meet Georgia’s clinical needs, her Mygo stander was adjusted as follows:
The de-rotation belt used to maintain pelvic alignment
Chest pad raised to provide improved trunk support, and laterals off-set to help maintain spinal alignment
Knee-foot mechanism rotated to accommodate Georgia’s tight hamstrings and lack of full knee extension
Left footplate plantar flexed to counteract effect of knee flexion, and to keep ankle and foot in plantargrade position
Tray fitted and raised to provide additional shoulder stability, and improve head position
Stander tilted into 100 prone to assist with transfers and maintain upright positioning


Georgia’s knee flexion meant that her left foot remained slightly off the footplate – a sandal raiser is a possible solution, but Georgia is waiting for new Piedro boots with a heel raise which may resolve the issue. It will be reviewed when she gets her new boots. However, Georgia’s new standing position does mean that she has better functional head control, and as a result is more engaged with her family. Her mum is very pleased with her new standing position.

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