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Helen gains comfort and retains independent mobility in KIT and Invacare XTR Power Base.

Helen is a 19 year old girl with quadriplegic cerebral palsy who was using an Invacare Spectra Plus powerchair with seat back and cushion inserts. Spasms were causing her to slide forward in the cushion until her ischial tuberosities make contact with the front of the well in the gel cushion. Helen also had issues with her  lap strap which she found very uncomfortable. Her therapist had tried a number of different designs without success. Helen sits for 12+ hours/day in her powerchair and requires an upright functional posture.


Helen has transverse plane pelvic rotation, forward on the right by 20° relative to her shoulder girdle. Correction causes discomfort. Both hip joints are windswept to the right by 20° (right abducted, left adducted), hence with head and shoulders facing forward, both femurs point forward. Helen’s hamstrings are shortened on both sides. With the knees flexed to 90°, the right hip can be actively flexed to 90 whereas only 110 ° flexion is possible on the left.  

Helen has no scoliosis and requires minimal lateral support from her backrest.



The size 2 Pelvic Cradle wraps around Helen's rotated pelvis and windswept hips, increasing her comfort and preventing her pelvis from sliding forward in the seat. 


The sacral pad on the three part backrest will be rotated forward on the right, eliminating the gap on the right hand side of the pelvis. The right femoral support will be extended to support the apparent leg length difference and accommodate the open hip angle on the right.



The Pelvic Cradle provided a discreet means to support Helen's pelvis and locate it centrally on the seat base. The increased contact area and padding on the cradle improved pressure distribution around the anterior pelvis eliminating discomfort.  Helen commented that the seat and particularly the Pelvic Cradle were more comfortable than her previous seating. The KIT seat was centrally located on Invacare's XTR power base, optimising manoeuvrability and control.


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