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Jack supports the surgical correction of his scoliosis in KIT

Jack is an 11 year old boy with a diagnosis of Lissencephaly. He has recently undergone spinal fixation for his scoliosis. The main issue for Jack's seating is the difficulty in maintaining midline positioning due to his poorly controlled movement, combined with his desire to move! Jack's exisiting classroom chair does not provide sufficient pelvic stability or trunk control. Jack also has a short term wheelchair provision to facilitate a reclined position which is required post surgery.

Clinical Assessment

  • Jack has low tone and very recent spinal fusion, therefore his pelvis and spine is fixed

  • He also has uncontrolled continuous movement of his upper limbs which pulls his body over due to the low tone in his trunk

  • Right leg has a tendency to abduct and externally rotate

  • Full ranges of movement at knees, however hip angle has to remain slightly open as a post-surgery precaution


Jack requires adequate postural support to maintain the surgical correction of his scoliosis.


The KIT seating system's adjustable back support was able to accommodate Jack's need to maintain a slightly reclined position. The 3 part backrest and thoracic options fully support and maintain Jack's midline position whilst seated. The unique shoulder protraction system stabilises Jack's shoulder girdle and moves his upper limbs into the optimal position for functional activities.

While the multi-positional leg guides can securely accommodate a wide range of lower limb positions, Jack needed additional support on the lateral side of his right knee to further control his abduction and promote midline symmetry.

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