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Jakob joins his family for mealtimes with his new Squiggles Saddle Seat

Jakob is a young boy presenting with spastic quadriplegia impacting on his mobility and seating position. Throughout the day and during therapy Jakob uses a stroller buggy, bath seat, and standing frame. He also uses a manual wheelchair occasionally, however it has insufficient lateral support.

Clinical Assessment

Upon assessment;

  • Jakob has increased tone in all four limbs, with tight hamstrings, hip flexors and adductors.

  • Jakob’s spine is slightly kyphotic. 

  • He can move by crawling around the floor and can sit independently. However he has a tendency to flex to the left hand side when unsupported.

  • Independent floor sitting is only achieved with the removal of AFO’s. 

  • Jakob is dependent on equipment for mobilising and therefore a seating system is required to meet his needs in his home environment. 


The primary aim of Jakob’s new seating system was to allow him to maintain an active upright position and to improve his posture. 

  • The contoured saddle-shaped seat promotes an abducted prone sitting position. This helps achieve a neutral pelvic position and improved head and trunk balance.

  • The 4-point harness holds Jakob in a comfortable, secure and active position.

  • The backrest was raised to accommodate Jakob’s tendency to lean to the left.

  • The height and angle of the chassis can be fully adjusted using a footplate for posture and activities, enabling Jakob to join his family for meals.


The new seating encouraged abduction and an upright postural position.  The Hi-low chassis facilitated access to the dining table and Jakob was able to join his family at the dinner table. The Hi-low chassis has also brought the possibility of developing independent transfers in the future. The seating has facilitated more play activities for Jakob and increases his mobility independence. 

Jakob’s family are happy with all aspects of his new Squiggles Saddle Seat.

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