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Musliha gains improved midline positioning and comfort in the KIT Seating System

Musliha is a 13 year old girl with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. She has bilateral hip subluxation and presents with a leg length discrepancy and scoliosis. Her key needs from a sitting system are accommodation of deformity and comfort.

Clinical Assessment

Observation in existing equipment:

  • Side flexion to right

Mat assessment (corrected measurements):

  • Pelvis in neutral tilt
  • Pelvic rotation - forward on RHS by approx 15 degrees 
  • Pelvic obliquity – down on LHS
  • Right leg 20 degrees abduction approx
  • Left leg 10 degrees adduction approx
  • Both hips flex to approx 100 degrees
  • Both knees flex to 90 degrees
  • Spine rotated – forward on RHS by approx 15 degrees at sacral and thoracic segments. Shoulders rotated by approx 5 degrees 

Unsupported sitting:

  • Rotation of pelvis more evident
  • Attempts to correct windsweeping increase trunk flexion to RHS
  • Tendency to flex forwards if hips too flexed


Musliha requires a seating system which will accommodate her fixed pelvic rotation and obliquity, and marked windsweeping, yet allow her trunk and head to be in as much alignment as possible.


The Kit Seating System’s 3 part backrest meant that Musliha’s sacral, thoracic and shoulder supports could be individually adjusted to match the rotation at each section of her spine. The leg guides were able to accommodate her level of windsweeping and leg length discrepancy, and the Pelvic Cradle snugly supported her in this posture. Musliha’s brother commented that she was much more upright and looked comfortable. 

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