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Neil uses the Leeway for comfortable pelvic positioning

Neil is a 22 year old young man with Cerebral Palsy who uses a powered wheelchair for his mobility. He is currently studying at college. Neil’s posture is worse at college as he sometimes has to tilt his chair forward to fit under the desks and often carers find it hard to reposition him correctly. As he slides, Neil’s original pelvic strap places pressure on his stomach, causing increased discomfort as the day goes on.

Clinical situation

Neil relies on the mobility independence his wheelchair gives, but his tendency to slide forward in the seat is a result of tightened hamstrings. Neil’s footplates are unable to be adjusted rearwards due to the configuration of battery and operating mechanisms below the seat. The alternative solution is to open the seat to back angle on the wheelchair (recline), but this makes it more difficult for Neil to operate his wheelchair controls, and as he is used to a more upright posture, perceptually it feels to Neil as if he is way too far reclined.

Using the Leckey Leeway

The Leeway was retro-fitted to Neil’s chair cushion using a simple Velcro strap and secured to the frame using existing cinch mounts and triglides. 



Neil’s progress with the Leeway was reviewed after 6 weeks’ use. Some minor adjustments were made to the set up including stapling the Velcro strap to the seat base, replacing the front triglides with cinch mounts, and moving the rear cinch mounts slightly forward for easier access.
Overall Neil thinks his Leeway is comfortable. He often uses the tilt function on the chair for transfers or to rest, and he says. “Usually when I sit up straight again, the straps cut in to me. That doesn’t happen with the Leeway.”

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