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Stabilising Nicole’s pelvis and accommodating her asymmetry improves her trunk and head alignment

Nicole is a teenage girl from Spremberg in Germany. She has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and was using a moulded seating system previously. Her posture was very reclined and her function was limited.


Clinical Assessment

Nicole has increased muscle tone, a pelvic obliquity (down on the left hand side) and pelvic rotation to the right (forward on the left hand side). Nicole presents with a partially correctable windsweeping to the left hand side and a leg length discrepancy (shorter right leg). She also has a compensatory scoliosis concave on the right hand side. Her pelvis is tilted posteriorly. Nicole also showed a difference in hip flexion, with her right hip having greater range of movement than her left hip.


Nicole requires a seating system which is robust enough to withstand her high tone and spasticity, but also to accommodate her asymmetries.




 Nicole’s pelvic positioning was stabilised using the sacral pad and the Pelvic Cradle reducing her pelvic obliquity. This was further assisted by the individual accommodation of hip angles, and upper and lower leg lengths. As a result of Nicole’s neutral pelvic positioning and accommodation of asymmetry, her trunk and head position is more desirable. She is more upright, facilitating improved upper limb function and social interaction.


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