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Olivia has improved midline posture and ability to use her hands in her Mygo seating system

Olivia is a five year old little girl with a diagnosis of CDKL5, a genetic disorder which is thought to be linked to Rett’s Syndrome and Autism. As a result Olivia has severe epilepsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia (low muscle tone or floppiness), left sided weakness and severe learning difficulties. Olivia also has dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and due to ongoing aspiration pneumonias (infection caused by food going down “the wrong way”), is now fed via gastrostomy (a tube directly into her stomach). However, maintaining correct alignment is of great importance to reduce the incidence of these respiratory complications.

Clinical Assessment

Without support, Olivia’s low tone means that she finds it hard to maintain an upright posture. When tired, she adopts a slouched posture with posteriorly tilted pelvis, abducted and externally rotated legs, and she leans over to her left side as in the picture. Olivia’s head control is good, but her sitting balance in not fully developed. Without support from a seating system, Olivia needs to use her arms for support, reducing her ability to explore and learn from her environment. 
Olivia is able to weight bear, and can walk forwards in a straight line when her hands are held – however she is unable to co-ordinate corners. Olivia can transfer from one place to another if both her hands are held by an adult.
Olivia communicates non-verbally via gestures, facial expressions and vocalisations.

Goals for sitting

Provide external support to stabilise pelvis and allow hands to be free for play and exploration
Provide symmetrical seating surface to maintain body alignment
Provide hi-low base and mobility options to encourage independent transfers, and maintain posture when out and about with her family


Olivia’s Mygo was set up to her dimensions, with the Pelvic Cradle for maximum pelvic stability, as well as leg supports and sandals to maintain her overall posture. This still allows her to move within the seating system to explore her environment, but ensures she returns to a functional and healthy position within the seat. Olivia has a tray for table-top activities, but the hi-low base means she can also sit at the table. 


The Mygo seating system meets the complexities of Olivia’s needs and offers the balance between stability and active movement. Her mum loves the tilt in space option for two reasons – when tilted prone, Olivia can step into the seat with help, and the supine option works well to administer her epilepsy medication when she has a seizure.
Olivia’s parents are delighted with the benefits of the Mygo to Olivia, and to them as a family. Her mum wanted to point out that they have tried seven different seating systems, but feel that none has matched the quality and postural support of Olivia’s Leckey Mygo!

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