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Helping Riccardo enjoy his playtime

Riccardo is a lively young boy who enjoys his family relationships and playtime. Due to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Riccardo has poor trunk control with a strong extensor pattern, which greatly affects his ability to maintain his seating posture. Although dyskinesia is present in his upper limbs, he retains hand function when his arms are fixed in place.  Riccardo enjoys interpersonal relationships, however communication is limited to eye contact, facial expressions and a small vocabulary.

Clinical assessment

Riccardo can assume a seating position with support to the trunk and pelvis.  At present Riccardo has;

  • a tendency for his trunk to fall to the right.

  • slight rotation of the shoulders.

  • a tendency for his pelvis to slide forward into posterior tilt.

  • high tone in lower limbs.

  • a strong neck reflex toward the right side.

Riccardo’s current seating did not address the problem of the pelvic posterior tilt, and the extensor thrust movements affecting his trunk. Therefore the Squiggles seating system was chosen, which includes a 4-point pelvic positioning harness, adjustable hip guides and cushioned lateral supports to maximise the seating position.


The aim of Riccardo’s new seating was to improve his postural alignment, which would promote his social interaction and integration into family activities such as meal times. The Squiggles seating system, provides pelvic stability with a 4 point harness and ramped base cushion to give optimum support and positioning. It is also aimed to facilitate ease of transport for Riccardo when travelling with his parents or other family members. The Squiggles seating system easily adapts to everyday functions at home, in the classroom or even out and about.


The impact of the Squiggles seating system was not limited to meeting his postural needs, with regard to the alignment of Riccardo’s trunk and pelvis. The extensor thrust movements also came to a stop.  Riccardo can now stay in the seated position for more than 5 hours over the course of the day, without becoming agitated. His therapist reports that the improvement of his seating posture has had a notable effect on his bi-lateral hand skills and encourages Riccardo to maintain a lively interest and focus his attention. Riccardo’s parents also report that the new seating system exceeded their expectations by improving his ability to initiate communication with others.

There was a significant reduction in the reported physical stress on his parents, and they note that Riccardo is more engaged in everyday activities, especially play time!


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