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Sabah learns new skills with the Early Activity System

Sabah has a diagnosis of developmental delay as a result of birth difficulties. At 2 months old she began to smile and to date has also developed the ability to track toys in her visual field whilst in a supine position.  However high tone, dystonia and a strong ATNR greatly compromise Sabah’s sitting ability. Providing support and positioning would optimise her participation in vital play activities and increase her opportunities to develop new skills.

Clinical Assessment

Sabah has difficulty;

  • Bringing her hands to her mouth or maintaining them in the midline whilst supine

  • Propping herself up using her arms whilst in a prone position

  • Rolling

  • Grasping and releasing objects. Sabah maintains her hands in a fisted position

Sabah’s therapist chose the Early Activity System to encourage a more functional midline position, develop bilateral grasp, and enable her to prop on her elbows in the prone position. 


Using the roll under her legs helps to accommodate increased tone and brings her pelvis into a more neutral position. The head support and small rolls are placed bilaterally under her shoulders to bring her scapula forward. This position gave Sabah experience and practice of a functional position, and provides more opportunity for hand to hand co-ordination.

The positioning strap helps Sabah maintain a midline position, against the high tone, so that she can focus on her toys.  Engaging with her toys also encourages Sabah to open her hands from the fisted position and reach for them.
Whilst in a prone lying position, a roll under Sabah’s arms provides additional support and encourages the position of propping on her elbows.


Using the various components in a variety of positions, the Early Activity System has encouraged Sabah to develop new skills.  She can now sit with support and prop up using her arms. Sabah now opens her hands from the fisted position and interacts with her toys, and is able to hold her head for a longer period of time in the mid-line position.


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