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Increasing Thomas’s freedom with the Squiggles Mobile Stander

Due to a diagnosis of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Thomas’s ability to get around is severely compromised with no muscle power or sensation below the chest. He also has occasional involuntary spasms.  Throughout the day Thomas uses a variety of equipment including a wheelchair, classroom chair, splints and gaitors. Thomas gets around by either shuffling across the floor or self propelling his wheelchair, and is currently learning to side transfer at school.

The Mobile Stander was chosen to maintain a stretch on his hamstrings and to enable him to be mobile in an upright position alongside his peers. This means that Thomas can benefit from standing therapy in any environment.

Clinical Assessment

  • Thomas is able to sit unsupported for short periods using his hands to prop.

  •  Hand function is not age appropriate but is still developing.

  •  Thomas has a tightened left hamstring, and is currently undergoing a standing programme at school.

  •  He is prone to pressure at his heels, largely from his splints, this gets worse when standing.

  •  Thomas is socially adept and is well integrated with his friends at school and at home.


  • The cushioned sternum pad offers extra support and gives a wide range of freedom for the arms to engage in a greater range of activities.

  • Adjustable chest and pelvic positioning supports enabled Thomas’s therapist to ensure he was comfortable and in a secure position.

  • The adjustable footplates and sandals provide positive foot placement and accommodate Thomas’s AFO’s.

  • The contoured large activity tray provides Thomas with the opportunity to develop his hand skills whilst in the upright position.


Thomas’s therapist reports that his hamstring stretch appears to have been maintained as there has been no further deterioration in the last year and no surgery was recommended at his last orthopaedic review. This has been helped by Thomas’s tolerance of the stander as he can stay upright for up to one and a quarter hours, something Thomas did not tolerate in his previous static stander. He enjoys participating in activities from an upright perspective and can throw the ball better from the stander than his wheelchair. Thomas’s parents report that he can use the stander indoors and outdoors, as he has no problems pushing the stander on the driveway or even on the grass, which has given him a great deal of freedom. His parents also note that they “feel that Thomas has greater confidence with his friends while in his stander. . .we even caught him giving his friends rides on the chassis!”   Importantly, Thomas has also been impressed with the stander and thinks it looks “cool!”

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