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Vanessa’s play skills improve with the Mygo Seating System

Vanessa is a lively young girl with a diagnosis of Aicardi Syndrome, associated epilepsy and severe developmental delay.  Throughout the day Vanessa also uses a pushchair and high chair. However, given her physical condition, she requires more substantial postural support.

Clinical Assessment

  • Vanessa’s head tends to flex downward or to the right. However, with prompts, she can regain head control for up to 30 seconds.

  • She requires support of the trunk and hips to maintain a sitting posture.

  • Whilst in a supported seated position she has a tendency to fall to the right.

  • Vanessa’s hand skills are delayed and she has difficulty with grasp and release.


The Mygo Seating System was chosen because of its adaptive postural features and versatility. Being able to adjust its height helps reduce the physical stress on family and caregivers and means that Vanessa can integrate more fully into family life.

  • The Mygo 4 point pelvic support system provides a secure, stable base of support.

  • The activity tray and adjustable arm rests facilitate a wide range of activities; this promotes Vanessa’s hand and play skills essential for her development.

  • The increased pelvic stability and trunk alignment form the basis of Vanessa’s improved head control.    


With the Mygo Seating System Vanessa can now maintain her seated position for more than 2 hours at a time without becoming agitated.  Her new seating also enables her to integrate more fully into family life, especially at meal times.  Vanessa’s therapist reports that she can now visually track an object over an arc of greater than 45°, this demonstrates her improved head control and engagement in play activities.  Her ability to initiate play with her toys has also improved, as she now makes intentional contact with her toys with her hands.

Vanessa’s family report that her new seating system has significantly reduced the physical stress on them and they have seen a notable improvement in her ability to engage in her favourite play activities.

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