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Yuna (Mygo)

Improving Yuna’s social interactions with the Mygo Seating System

Yuna is a young girl with complex needs.  Due to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia and scoliosis she is unable to support her trunk and head.  She currently spends the majority of her time in a right side-lying position.  At school Yuna can only tolerate her seated position for 15 minutes at a time, consequently her teacher is required to re-position 3-4 times an hour.

Clinical Assessment

  • Yuna’s hips are in flexion of 85° whilst seated.

  • Yuna’s pelvis is posteriorly tilted and rotated to the left.

  • She has a windswept deformity to the right side and her left hip is dislocated.

  • She has a scoliosis concave on the left side with a Cobb angle of 11°.

  • She has a tendency to lean to the right side. 

Because of this asymmetry Yuna has limited ability to turn her head by herself. This has a considerable effect on her social interaction and interpersonal relationships.  It is difficult for her to face the direction of where her family’s voices are heard.


The Mygo Seating System was chosen as it meets Yuna’s complex postural needs. 

  • The sacral support and pelvic harness provide proximal positioning and prevent her pelvis from forward sliding resulting in spinal kyphosis.

  • Two lateral hip guides accommodate the windswept deformity and align her trunk above her pelvis. This distributes the weight more evenly and reduces the risk of pressure areas.

  • The adjustable arm rests and activity tray facilitate a wide range of activities.

  • The chest support helps maintain the upright posture without inhibiting functional movement.

  • The adjustable footplates and sandals secure the feet comfortably and provide maximum support for upper body function.


It was important to improve Yuna’s postural alignment to ensure comfort and stability as a basis for her to engage with her family and peers.  The Mygo Seating System has helped Yuna to expand her body support area particularly her trunk and shoulder girdle.  There has also been a notable improvement in her ribcage deformity and a reduction in the high tone of her upper and lower extremities.  As a result of improved head control she now has better eye contact and can have face to face contact with her school friends. In addition, the Mygo Seating System has doubled the amount of time Yuna can remain in the seated position and has significantly reduced the need for repositioning.

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