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Yuna (Sleepform)

Promoting Yuna’s Social Interaction with her Family

Yuna has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and is unable to support her trunk and head. Yuna attends school 4 hours a day and there uses a moulded seating system with tilt. However at home spends most of her time in a right side lying position, with frequent repositioning.

Clinical Assessment

In supine Yuna’s windswept deformity is caused by her legs pulling to the right and a left hip dislocation.  Yuna also;

  • has a scoliosis concave on her left side, Cobb angle of 11°

  • has difficulty maintaining her head and trunk in a midline position

  • has a base of support pulling to her right side, which results in limited ability to turn her head by herself

  • has kypho-scoliosis of the spine with her pelvis posteriorly tilted and rotated to the left side


The Sleepform mattress is mouldable, and can be used to create ‘cavities’ upon which parts of the body can ‘fall’ back on when tone reduces in the supine position. The primary aim for using the Sleepform system with Yuna was to provide a comfortable position in order to expand her body support area. It was also hoped to improve Yuna’s symmetrical posture. 

Yuna’s Sleepform System comprised of both the Sleepform and Air Flow mattress, cushioned leg guides and a knee and ankle roll. 

  • The Sleepform mattress is moulded to Yuna’s sides to provide bilateral trunk support and re-align her pelvis.

  • The Sleepform mattress positioned under the pillow area forms substantial neck support. 

  • Cushioned leg guides and a knee roll are used to align her legs in a midline position, accommodating the windswept deformity.

  • An ankle roll is used to keep her ankles in position.

  • The Airflow Mattress provides a cushion between Yuna and the Sleepform Mattress, promoting air circulation keeping her cool.


When at home Yuna can spend time in the supine position with less need for re-positioning.  Her body support area has expanded and the thoracic cage deformity has improved. In addition, the high tone in her upper and lower extremities has been reduced and her range of motion in all limbs has improved. Yuna’s mother reports that “Yuna seems taller, and it has become easier to change her clothes compared to before.” Yuna’s therapist reports that with the result of being able to turn her head, Yuna can now prompt social interaction with her family.  Also, because her muscle tone is reduced, her range of motion in her upper and lower extremities is improved.

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