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At Leckey we believe in sharing knowledge. Our clinical and product research together with our collective clinical, design and engineering experience means that we have lots to share. Working in partnership with families and professionals using this knowledge ensures the best outcome for the babies, children, young people and adults we aim to help.

    24 Hour Postural Care

  • Case History Programme

    Are you interested in contributing to the growing body of evidence about the effectiveness of special equipment? This article explains the background to our Case History programme, and provides a link to download our Case History Report Form, Guidance and Consent Form.

    September 2010
  • 24 Hour Postural Care References

    During our research we have come across many papers which are relevant to different areas of our work. Unfortunately copyright law means that we cannot provide the research papers to you, but we can give you a list of useful references, divided into categories of postural care. Some of these are freely available online. Check using Google Scholar.

    September 2010