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Product Care

How to Assemble

When you receive your Leckey Bath Chair it will be bubble wrapped, flat packed and without the cover attached. Your Leckey Bath Chair will come with a hip belt already attached and chest belt with lateral supports. Additional straps as ordered will also be included. Carefully remove them and please check that you have all the parts you ordered.

Attaching the cover
To attach the cover position the bath seat with the calf support in the maximum position as shown, then firstly slip the cover over the backrest and then secondly the calf support. Then loop the straps in through the frame securing the fabric under the seat base as shown.

Attaching the Hip Belt
The hip belt simply secures around the user with Velcro.

Attaching the Chest Belt
To attach the chest belt, loop it around the back of the seat and Velcro securely at the front around the user.

Attaching the Abduction Strap
To attach the abduction strap, simply loop around the tubular frame and secure at the back with Velcro.  

Attaching the head laterals
The head laterals are secured in the same way by simply looping around the tubular frame and securing at the back with Velcro.

Attaching the Bath Chair to the Shower trolley
The shower trolley will allow you to simply convert your Leckey Bath Chair into a shower chair. To attach the Leckey Bath Chair to the shower trolley, simply alter the length of the frame, to correspond with the adjusted position of the legs on the Leckey Bath Chair. This is done by loosening the bolts (a) and adjusting the bar (b) to the required position. Once in position re-tighten the bolts (a) securely. Then simply drop the front and back legs of the Leckey Bath Chair into the channels as shown, fastening the Velcro straps securely around the leg tubes.