Take a look at firefly GOTO seat


Product Care

Frequent Adjustments

Frequent adjustment for daily use

Parents and carers should be shown how to make frequent adjustments and made aware of the safety checks  by a technically and clinically competent person who has been trained in the use of the product. Leckey recommend that a written record is maintained of all parent and carers who have been trained in the use of this product.

Transferring your child into and out of the seat
Before transferring the child into the seat carry out the daily product inspection as outlined in section 9 of this user manual. Lock all the castors, ensuring that they are facing outwards to maximise product stability. Make sure the safety buckle on the flexible lateral supports is released and is out of the way to facilitate transfer. Unclip the lap strap in the middle and allow the straps to open out to facilitate transfer. Lastly if sandals are fitted open the straps. You are now ready to manually transfer or hoist the child into the seat.
Always secure the lap strap first before fastening other buckles or harness. Adjust the harness so the child cannot slide or creep forward in the seat.
Adjusting the Lap strap
The lap strap is fastened by inserting the plastic clip (a) into the receiver then adjust the straps to the required length.
Height Adjustment of Seat
The seat can be adjusted to the required height to accommodate lower leg length, to allow for self-transfer or to allow the seat to fit under a nursery table. Simply adjust each leg individually by pressing in the poppers (a) and positioning the leg to the relevant slot to obtain the required height. Once the leg has been positioned into the required slot, ensure the poppers have released and the leg is positioned securely.
Never adjust the height when the user is in the seat.
Side Pad Adjustment
The side pads can be adjusted simply by re-positioning using the attached Velcro strips. There is a range of lengths and widths of side pads available.
Height Adjustment of Armrests and Tray
The height of the armrests and subsequently the tray can be adjusted by loosening the allen bolts (a) on the armrest bracket, adjusting to the required height and re-tightening the allen bolts (a) securely.
Tray depth adjustment
Place the tray onto the armrests, slide forward to the required depth then turn the handles (a) under the tray to lock it in position.
Adjusting the headrest
To adjust the height of the headrest loosen the allen bolt (a), position as required and then re-tighten. To adjust the depth, loosen the allen bolt (b), position as required and then re-tighten. Finer angle positioning of the head support can be attained by loosening the three allen bolts (c) making the adjustments and re-tightening.
A popper will engage when the maximum safe adjustment of the metal tubing has been reached, do not adjust past this point.