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Product Care

Clinical Setup

Clinical setup for postural management
The clinical setup of the product should be completed by a technically and clinically competent person who has been trained in the use of the product. Leckey recommend a written record is maintained of all clinical setups for this product.

Adjusting the Chest Plate
You should firstly measure the distance from the user’s feet to just under the arms. This is best done were practical in a lying position on a mat. The height between the top of the chest plate and sandals should be set to the equivalent of this distance. This will always be the first adjustment you need to carry out. To adjust the height of the chest plate, loosen the bolts (b), adjust to the required position, then re-tighten the bolt (a) securely.
The chest plate has a number of other adjustments that are carried out by loosening the bolts (a) at the side of the chest plate. By loosening these bolts the chest plate can be moved:
1. Forwards and backwards for body profiling.
2. Up and down for finer, last minute adjustments to the height of the chest plate.
3. To angle forwards/down or backwards/ up slightly to assist in the positional management of extension or flexion respectively.
Never attempt to adjust the height of the main frame when the stander is in use.

Adjusting the knee plate
The knee plate is adjusted in exactly the same way as the chest plate using the bolts (a).
Always use caution to ensure fingers do not become trapped when adjusting the knee plate. 

Adjusting the knee cups
The knee cups are fixed with the bolts (a) at the front of the knee block. When this bolt is loosened, the knee cup can be moved from left to right and rotated. Once the desired position is obtained the bolt (a) should be re-tightened securely.
Always use caution to ensure fingers do not become trapped when adjusting the knee cups.

Adjusting the sandals
To position the sandals simply loosen the knob under the footplate, select the position you require and re-fasten the knob. To position the user’s feet in the sandals secure the Velcro ankle and toe straps provided.

Attaching the Pelvic Band
The pelvic belt should be attached to the user first, again if practical on a mat. The pelvic straps are attached around the user’s pelvis the longer straps are then slipped through the outer poles of the frame and secured firmly behind the user with the Velcro on the belt. To ensure that you can easily identify the strap that goes around the user and the one that attaches to the frame, a Leckey label is sewn on to the one that goes around the frame.