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Product Care

How to Assemble

Check parts
When you receive your Freestander it will be boxed and wrapped in several parcels. Your Freestander comes as standard with chest plate including flexible laterals, knee plate, pelvic strap, activity tray and bowl, base with castors, inner poles and sandals.
The Totstander is supplied without castors, tray and with a chest strap instead of a solid chest plate. Carefully remove all the parcels from the box and check you have all the parts you have ordered.
Safety first
Keep polythene bags away from children.

Assembling the Freestander
To assemble your Freestander, firstly loosen the height adjustment bolt’s (a) on the outer upright poles and remove the inner poles. Insert the inner poles into place into the receiver tubes on the base castor frame. The allen key provided tighten the two small socket screws on each receiver tube securely (b). Then slide the main outer frame over the inner poles and tighten the two height adjustment bolts (c) at the desired height.

Attaching the Tray
The Freestander tray is attached by sliding the outer poles already attached to the tray over the inner poles already attached to the base and then tightening the bolts (a). The tray is then secured with a tray pin into one of the slots on the side of the frame.

Attaching the sandals
To attach the sandals unscrew the plastic knob (A) from the underside of the sandals and remove the metal and rubber washer along with the knob. Align the screw with the slot in the foot plate, replace the rubber washer and then the metal washer before tightening the plastic knob. Make sure the sandal does not move when the knob has been tightened.