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Safety Information for Mygo
The Mygo Seating System is an activity chair which has been designed for children with disabilities for use at home, in the school environment, or outside if used on a mobility base. Size 1 is suitable for children aged 3-10 years and Size 2 is suitable for 8-14 years. The seating system has a maximum user weight of 50kg (110lbs) for Size 1 and 60kg (132lbs) for Size 2. 
Following these points will ensure that the Mygo Seating System is used safely.
1. Always read the user instructions provided with the seat fully before use. A copy of these can be downloaded here.
2 We recommend that users should not be left unattended at any time whilst using Leckey equipment.
3. Only use Leckey approved components with your product. Never modify the product in any way. Failure to follow instructions may put the user or carer at risk and will invalidate the warranty on the product.
4. If in any doubt to the continued safe use of your Leckey product or if any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer services department or your local dealer as soon as possible.
5. Carry out all positional adjustments and ensure that they are securely fastened before you put the user into the product. Some adjustments may require the use of a tool which is provided with each product. Keep all tools out of reach of children.
6. When putting the user into a seating system, both for positional and safety reasons, always secure the pelvic harness first.
7. When the product is stationary ensure that all castors are locked and facing away from the base, as this will improve product stability. This is especially important when the tilt in space or back recline facility is in use.
8. When the seat is in use on a Hi-low chassis please ensure that the height adjustment pedal and tilt in space lever are locked off and cannot be adjusted accidentally by other children.
9. When the Leckey seating systems are used on the Hi-low chassis we do not recommend that the seat is moved over uneven surfaces when a child in the equipment. All due care and attention should be taken when transporting the user in and out of the seat.
10. Never leave the product on a sloping surface, greater than 5 degrees . Always remember to lock all the castors when the product is stationary.
11. Only use the push handle to steer and move the seat from one area to another. Never use the tray for this purpose.
12. The product contains components which could present a choking hazard to small children.  Always check that locking knobs and bolts within the child’s reach are tightened and secure at all times.
13. Leckey products comply with fire safety regulations in accordance with EN12182. However the product contains plastic components and therefore should be kept away from all direct sources of heat including naked flames, cigarettes, electric and gas heaters.
14. Do not place objects hotter than 40ºC on the tray.
15. Clean the product regularly. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Carry out maintenance checks on a regular basis to ensure your product is in good working condition.
16. The product is designed for indoor use and when not in use should be stored in a dry place that is not subjected to extremes of temperature. The safe operating temperature range of the product is +5 to +40°C. The Hi-low chassis has been designed for use indoors but can also be used outdoors on a level surface. The Hi-low chassis should never be exposed to the elements as this may corrode the metal components.
17. Always check the plastic hand knobs on the push handle are tightened securely before you move the seat unit.
18. Before using the seating system always check that the interface handle on the seat unit is fully engaged with the chassis. If the handle is not engaged properly the seat unit may come loose and could cause serious injury to the child or carer.