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Product Care

How to assemble

Check parts
Congratulations on purchasing your Everyday Activity Seat. All of the parts ordered will be contained in polythene bags with each one clearly labelled. Carefully remove them from the boxes and check all of the parts you have ordered.
Keep polythene bags away from children.

Multi Tool
A number of adjustments will require the use of a multi tool, which is supplied with each seat.
Attaching the sandals
To attach the sandals simply unscrew the knob and washers from the sandal.  Place the sandal onto the footplate positioning the screw through the slot and replace the washers and knob. Repeat this for the otherside.
Attaching the armrests
Insert the armrest into the receiving bracket and secure at the desired height by tightening the knob (a).
Attaching the tray
To attach the grey, clear or black tray, insert the tray tubes through the centre of the armrests (a). To insert the wooden tray, insert the single tray tube into the centre of the right or left armrest depending on position required (b). Once the tray is located in position (clear, black, grey or wooden) the knob (c) should be tightened securely.

Attaching the hip laterals
Unscrew the knob (a) from underneath the seat base. Place the hip lateral bracket onto the screw (b). Replace and tighten the knob (c).

Attaching the standard and flipaway chest lateral supports
To attach the chest lateral supports, line the bracket up with the slots in the metal backrest. Insert the two allen key bolts through the small oval plate, then the backrest slot, and into the two sliding parts sitting in the bracket and tighten.
To gain extra height with the laterals, take them off, turn them upside down, and reattach the left one on the right hand side of the backrest and vice versa.

Attaching shoulder protraction pads
To attach the shoulder protraction pads, line the bracket up with the slots in the backrest. Insert the 2 allen key bolts and washers through the backrest slot and tighten into the protraction pad bracket.

Attaching the pommel
Insert the pommel bracket into the recess, insert the knob (a) and tighten.

Attaching the footplate
For Size 1 and 2, slide the footplate over the calf angle tube (a) and tighten bolt (b). For Size 3, slide the footplate tubes over the calf angle support tubes (c) and tighten bolts on each calf support. 

Attaching the abduction side pads
For size 1 and 2, with the seat in the maximum depth position, unscrew the knob from underneath the seat base. Place the abduction side pad bracket onto the screw (a) then replace and tighten the knob (b).
For size 3, line up the abduction side pad bracket with the slot at the front of the seat base when the seat is at maximum depth. Slide into the required position, insert bolt and tighten securely (c).

Attaching the pelvic harness
Open each camlock (a). Attach each of the 4 straps through the camlocks and continue to feed through to additional security triglide (b) then snap shut (c).

Attaching the Push Handle
For Size 1, the push handle is attached to the chassis brackets by inserting the two lower stems into the receiving tubes as shown (a). For Size 2 and 3, the push handle is attached to the seat base by inserting the two lower stems into the receiving tubes as shown (b and c).

The push handle has safety poppers which need to be pressed in when inserting the lower stems. Push the stems in until the poppers protrude from the other end of the receiving tubes. For Size 1 and 2, secure the handle in place by tightening the bolt (d). For Size 3, secure the handle by tightening the locking knobs (e).

Check these regularly to make sure the bolt/ locking knobs are tight, particularly if you are moving the product unit along corridors that may have uneven or sloping surfaces.