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Product Care

Cleaning and Care Information

How to Maintain
When cleaning the product we recommend that you use only warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. Never use organic solvents or dry cleaning fluids.

Upholstery and fabrics

1. The upholstery and fabrics can be cleaned by hand whilst in place. When cleaning we recommend that you use only warm water and a nonabrasive detergent.
2. Staining should be removed as quickly as possible with absorbent cloth, towels or a sponge. Routine soap and warm water sponging is effective for ordinary soiling and minor spills. Be careful not to over wet the fabric, as this will cause the staining to spread.
3. Antiseptic cleaning agents can be used on more stubborn stains. These may require a safe solvent such as Isopropyl Alcohol or Mineral Spirit. A half cup of household bleach to 5 litres of water can also be used as a useful disinfectant.
4. Always ensure the product is dry before use.

Metal and plastic and wooden components

1. Soap and water or antibacterial spray can be used for daily cleaning.
2. For deep cleaning a low pressure steam cleaner can be used.
3. Do not use solvents to clean plastic wooden or metal components.
4. Make sure the product is dry before use.
5. Check all wooden components regularly to ensure there are no cracks or splitters.