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Product Care

How to Assemble

Check Parts
When you receive your Pronestander it will be boxed and packed flat. The tray will be in a separate parcel. The pronestander will come as standard with chest plate including fl exible laterals, knee plate, pelvic plate including belt, hinged foot plate, sandals and activity tray including bowl.

Safety first
Keep polythene bags away from children

Assembling the Pronestander
To assemble the Pronestander, two people should firstly lift the Pronestander out of its box or alternatively remove the packaging
and wheel the Pronestander out on its castors. The castors should then be locked into position, facing out of the frame at 45 degrees.

Setting the Angle
In order to fix the Pronestander at the desired angle, you should firstly hold the chest plate and gently swing the main frame of the stander upright. Then loosen the three bolts (a) as shown and the angle adjuster bar (b) can then be positioned to the desired angle. The plate should then be placed back into position and the three bolts (a) re-attached and tightened securely.
Never attempt to adjust the angle of the pronestander when the frame is in use.

Attaching the Tray
The Pronestander tray is attached by sliding the outer poles already attached to the tray over the inner poles already attached to the frame and then tightening the bolts (a). The tray is then secured with a tray pin into one of the slots (b) on the side of the frame.