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Part Components

The Early Activity System
Designed to have an infinite number of combinations, the interchangeable positional supports are listed with some of their most common uses. All the postural supports are contained in a compact Squiggles carrier bag for easy storage.

Cushioned Floor Mat

Covered with “fluffy” Velcro so that all the supports can be quickly and easily attached and removed, this comfy floor mat also has Velcro on the underside for additional positioning options.

Four Flexible Rolls
The rolls, in two sizes, can be used on or below the floor mat, and on their own or with the other support elements to provide just the right level of postural support.

Positioning Straps
Use these versatile straps in addition to the rolls for extra support when needed at the front, sides or back. Alternatively, use them on their own for a reduced level of support when the rolls are no longer required.

Head Support
Contoured to cradle the head, this support can be used on its own, or with its removable lateral pieces. While particularly useful in back lying or side lying, the lateral supports can also be used with other components for extra positioning possibilities.

Trunk Wedge
Primarily designed for use in tummy lying to provide trunk support, this wedge can also be used below the head in back lying to encourage chin tuck, or below the bottom in floor sitting (along with the sitting support) to give a slight forward or rearward tilt, depending on the position desired.

Sitting Support
This profiled cushion is designed to give your child lower back support, while allowing the hands to be free for activity and function. When used in conjunction with the other elements additional front, rear or side support can be increased.


The fabric used on the positional supports is a high grade textile which is almost 100 times more resistant to wear than standard vinyls. The fabric has permanent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which greatly minimise the risk of cross infection. Bacteria such as MRSA cannot grow on the fabric. The soft touch fabric is easily cleaned using alcohol wipes so machine washing is not required.