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Product Care

Safety Information

The Squiggles Early Activity System has been designed for special care babies from birth to 48 months for Early Intervention use at home or in the care environment.

Technical and Maintenance Information
Leckey recommend that a written record is maintained of all those who have trained in the correct use of this product.

1. Always read instructions fully before use.
2. Users should not be left unattended at any time whilst using Leckey equipment.
3. Only use Leckey approved components with your product.
Never modify the product in any way. Failure to follow instructions
may put the user or carer at risk and will invalidate the warranty on the product.
4. If in any doubt about the safe use of your Leckey product or
if any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer services department or your local dealer as soon as possible.
5. Always ensure the user is secure in the product.
6. Always use the product on a level surface.
7. Always use the Floor mat as a base of support and never use the other components on their own.
8. Always ensure the hooky Velcro® components are faced away from the user at all times.
9. Leckey products comply with fire safety regulations in accordance with EN12182. However, the product should be kept away from all direct sources of heat including naked flames, cigarettes, electric and gas heaters.
10. Clean the product regularly. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Carry out maintenance checks on a regular basis to ensure your product is in good working condition.
11. The product is designed for indoor use and when not in use should be stored in a dry place that is not subjected to extremes of temperature. The safe operating temperature range of the product is +5 to +40°C.