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The Early Activity System
At Leckey we have worked with experienced therapists, used evidence from published research studies, and our own experience to develop the Early Activity System. This modular floor-based system is designed to assist your child to improve his physical, cognitive and sensory abilities by encouraging play in five key therapeutic positions. These are the main positions in early development which form the basis for later abilities.

The Early Activity System* is designed to allow you to “mix and match” positions and activities for your child, ensuring the best possible developmental start. Changing positions is important, as this is what allows your child to progress independently at a later stage. The aim is to allow your child to develop a variety of movement skills, as well as building strength and coordination.

The Five Positions

The Early Activity System supports purposeful play in:

  • Back lying (supine)
  • Tummy lying (prone)
  • Side lying
  • Floor sitting (long sitting)
  • Hands and knees (four-point kneeling)