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Product Care

Daily and Annual Product Inspections

Daily Product Inspection (Therapists, parents & carers)
We recommend that daily visual checks of the equipment are carried out by therapists, carers or parents to ensure the product is safe for use. The recommended daily checks are detailed below.

1. Ensure all adjustment knobs and bolts are in place and secure.
2. Check all upholstery and Velcro® for signs of wear and tear.
3. Ensure the pelvic harness is fully secured around the user and they cannot slide or creep forward in the seat.

Annual Product Inspection (Therapist, Technician, Leckey Product Advisor, Dealer)
Leckey recommend that each product should be subject to a detailed inspection at least once a year and every time the product is reissued for use. This inspection should be carried out by a technically competent person who has been trained in the use of the product and should include the following checks as a minimum requirement.

1. Check all knobs, nuts, bolts and plastic buckles are in place, replacing any missing items. Paying particular attention to the following items;
- Trunk Support height and angle adjustments bolts.
- Pelvic harness attachment points.
- Chair attachment straps.
2. Check that there is no visible wear or tear on the metal or plastic components.
3. Visually check the structure of the product paying attention to weld points on the frame ensuring there are no signs of fatigue or cracking around the welds.
4. Leckey recommend that a written record is maintained of all annual product inspections.

If in any doubt to the continued safe use of your Leckey product or if any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer service department or your local dealer as soon as possible.