Take a look at firefly GOTO seat


Product Care

Fitting the Cushions

Seat cushion attachment
To attach the seat cushion place the seat shell onto a flat work surface. Drape the side panels over the shell and then align the hooky with the receiving fluffy on the seat base. Secure the two top front fasteners first, then turn upside down and secure the two fasteners underneath the seat shell. Line up all remaining external fasteners to secure the cover in place. Once the cover is secured feed the two female buckles through the slits at either side to allow attachment of the four point pelvic harness. Ensure the buckles are protected by the cushion at all times to prevent irritation to the user.                                                                                     

Always ensure the side flaps conceal the adjustments and metalwork away from children.

Four point pelvic harness attachment
The Pelvic Harness contains four attachment points, two at the front (A) and two at the back (B). Clip the two front buckles into their receivers on either side of the seat base. Then attach the remaining two rear buckles into their receivers at the rear of the seat base.

Dynamic trunk support cushion attachment
To attach the cushion first remove the dynamic trunk assembly from the seat base and lay it down flat. Open the side fasteners and hooky panels of the trunk support. Insert one end of the assembly into the pocket in the cushion. Then sleeve the other end of the inner into the opposite end of the cushion. Once in position snap the fasteners together around the plastic rods and the one fastener in the middle of the support plate. Finally secure the Velcro tabs at the back. You can then reattach the trunk support as detailed in Section 7.

Leg support cushion and positioning strap attachment

The leg support cushion and pommel is secured by Velcro, simply position the cushion in the recess and push down firmly to locate in position. The positioning strap is attached by looping the strap underneath the plastic base and securing the Velcro panel to the base.