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Product Care

Fitting the Cushions

It is advisable to fit the cushions in the following order:
1. Femoral Guides
2. Seat base
3. Sacral Support
4. Pelvic belt
5. Trunk harness straps (if applicable)
6. Backrest
7. Laterals
8. Shoulder support (If applicable)
9. Chest Harness
10. Headrest

Femoral Cushion
It is easier to fit the femoral cushion if you first slide the femoral guide forward. (see Squiggles - Clinical Set-up on how to adjust seat depth)
Slide the femoral cushion over the femoral guides. The femoral cushion goes under the one piece seat base cushion.

One Piece Seat cushion

It is easier if you angle the back rest forward before fitting the seat base cushion(see section 10) Align the one piece seat cushion on the seat base with the leg sections facing forward. Secure at the back of the cushion with the two snap fasteners (A) and then at the sides (B). The cushion is then secured at the front by hooking the two elastic tabs (C) onto the hooks (D) under the seat.

Sacral cushion
Align the sacral cushion with the lower backrest and press down to locate the snap fasteners. Bring the lower tabs under the backrest and attach to the Velcro on the upper tabs.

Front seat cushion
Align the cushion on the seat base, with the cut out for the pommel facing forward. Slide the side panels over the sides of the seat base and secure at the back by locating the two snap fasteners (A). The cushion is then secured at the front by pulling the 4 elastic tabs (B) over the hooks provided.

Rear seat cushion
The rear seat cushion can be attached by simply setting it in place, pressing down to locate the two snap fasteners (A). Then snap the two side tabs (B) in place, on either side of the seat base.

Pelvic harness
The pelvic harness is attached by sliding the hip guides into the pockets (A) on the outer face of the harness. It is attached in the desired position by securing it to one of the snap fasteners (B) on the adjustable hip guide bracket. The buckle on the tie down strap is clipped into a receiving buckle (C) on either side of the seat base. Finally secure the pelvic harness by attaching the centre plastic buckle (D).

Trunk harness
With your small or medium trunk harness, you will receive four connecting straps and brackets, bolts, washers and locking nuts. Fix the connecting straps to the backrest before attaching the trunk harness. To attach the connecting straps in the shoulder area, slide the bracket into the slot and set at the desired height using the bolts and washers provided. The remaining two side connecting straps are attached to the two receiving holes, one on either side of the backrest. Simply attach the trunk harness to the connecting straps (A, B & C) on the left and right hand side of the child.

Lateral support padded cushions

To attach the lateral support padded cushions, simply slide the cushions on with the padded side towards the inside of the seat. Sleeve the plastic buckle (A) through the slot in the cover. Then bring the two velcro fastener straps around the bottom of the moulding and attach them to the velcro panel as shown.Close over the flap (B).

Shoulder support cushion (if applicable)
If you have a shoulder support section, slide the cushion over the assembly and secure using snap fasteners. It is easier if you loosen the shoulder support laterals first (see Squiggles - Clinical Set-up).

Backrest cushion

If you have lateral supports fitted to your chair, adjust them to their maximum width before attaching the backrest cushion. Secure the cushion in place using the four snap fasteners in the backrest moulding. Align the top fasteners (A) first and snap in place, then secure the lower fasteners. There is a Velcro panel provided in the lower part of the cushion to accommodate positional wedges/pads (B).

Chest harness

The chest harness can be attached by clipping the male buckle into the female buckle at either side of the lateral supports.

Contoured Headrest Cushio
To attach the headrest cushion, place the cushion onto the head support plate, then snap the central fastener and two upper fasteners in place. Bring the lower flap under the plate and snap the two remaining fasteners in place. The plastic reinforcement piece should be placed between the headrest assembly and the cushion, but should not be zipped inside the cushion.

Flat Headrest Cushion and Lateral Covers

The flat headrest cushion is attached in the same way as the contoured headrest cushion. The headrest lateral covers are attached in the same way as the lateral support padded covers.