Take a look at firefly GOTO seat


Product Care

Clinical Set-up

Adjusting the height
To adjust the height of the Totstander, loosen the lowest knobs (a) on the upright bars, adjust to the desired height and retighten.








Adjusting the height of the knee cups
Loosen the knobs b (see above photo), set knee cups to desired height and retighten knobs.

Attaching the Pelvic Band
The pelvic belt should be attached to the user first, again if practical on a mat. The pelvic straps are attached around the user’s pelvis the longer straps are then slipped through the outer poles of the frame and secured firmly behind the user with the Velcro on the belt. To ensure that you can easily identify the strap that goes around the user and the one that attaches to the frame, a Leckey label is sewn on to the one that goes around the frame.