Take a look at firefly GOTO seat


Product Care

Fitting the Accessories

Anti-tippers/Tip assist
The anti-tippers prevent the mobility base from tipping too far backwards, please refer to Fig 11a and 11b. To fit the anti-tipper for the first time, press down the popper (A) and slide into the chassis tube at the rear of the mobility base. The effectiveness of the anti-tipper is achieved by adjusting its position. Press the popper (A) then slide the anti-tipper to the desired position, ensuring the popper has engaged in one of the locking holes (B).
The further out the anti-tipper, the more effective it is. In order to make tipping the mobility base easier to clear an obstacle e.g. curbs, tipping assistance can be achieved by simply stepping onto the anti-tipper tubes while pulling back on the handle bar.
Note - To avoid an accident risk, it may be necessary to adjust the anti-tipper inwards to clear an obstacle. In some circumstances it may be necessary to remove the anti-tipper completely. This is done by pressing in the popper (A) and sliding the anti-tipper out completely. Once the obstacle has been negotiated, re-insert the anti-tipper ensuring the popper has engaged in one of the locking holes. In the event anti-tippers are fitted or removed, please inform the occupant ifthey do not require an attendant.



Spoke protectors
In order to reduce the risk of injuries tothe occupant’s fingers, the use of spoke protectors is encouraged. Fig 12. To fit the spoke protectors, place it over the face of the wheel, lining up the hand rim support posts to the scallops (A) on the outside edge of the spoke protector. Place the supplied clips through the slots in the spoke protector and clip to the spoke directly behind the slot (B).

Rear wheels
The rear wheels are available in 3 sizes,300mm[12”] (Fig 13), 560mm[22”] or 610mm[24”] (Fig 14). The larger 2 sizes are provided with a quick release axle (Fig 15) so the wheels can be removed quickly, if necessary. To fit the wheel, simply press and hold the centre button (A) and push the wheel and axle fully on the hub. Ensure the wheels are fully secure before using the mobility base. Removal is the reversal to fitting


Front castors
The front castors are available in 3 sizes,100mm[4”] (Fig 16), 150mm[6”] (Fig 17) and 200mm[8”] (Fig 18). These can be chosen dependant on the use of the mobility base and the clearance that is required for the foot plates of the seating system.